Tools and Techniques
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  1. Super 16 / Regular 16 motion picture camera with variable speed control, footage counter and wireless synchronizarion, including a wide range of zoom and prime lenses.

  2. Super 16 / Regular 16 motion picture camera set up for interview work on custom jib, dolly and track.  

  3. Stereo / Mono location sound recording with wireless IFB monitoring, "smart" or "dumb" time code slate, and time code reader / logger.  

  4. Stereo / Mono field recording with wireless camera synchronization and wireless IFB monitoring.  

  5. Synchronous sound transfer and audio signal processing at Apertura studio.  

  6. Super 16 / Regular 16 film projection, interlocked to multiple sound tracks.  

  7. Dual dubber for temporary sound mixes and interlock film screenings.  

  8. Video recording, playback and transfer to and from Betacam SP, S-VHS and VHS.

  9. Digital editing suite for multi-format video capture from digital and analog sources, audio and video processing, non-linear editing, film and flatbed scanning, and multi-format output.  


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