John Karol, Producer / Filmmaker

John Karol is a graduate of Deerfield Academy, Williams College (where he majored in chemistry and won the Arthur B. Graves Essay Prize in Art), and the Yale Law School (where he did concurrent graduate work in organic chemistry). Following law school, he was associated for two years with the New York City law firm of Lord, Day & Lord.

During the mid-1960's he served on contract with the government of Nyasaland as that former British Protectorate became the independent African nation of Malawi. As an Administrative Officer and Parliamentary Draftsman he worked on Malawi's Constitution, laws, civil service regulations and treaties.

Upon return to the United States he joined the administration of Vermont Governor Philip Hoff, serving as General Counsel and Deputy Commissioner of Taxes. It was during that time that he began filmmaking as an experiment in public advocacy for tax reform and social programs.

Leaving government service at the end of the Hoff administration in 1969, he established his production firm, Apertura, producing films for foundations and non-profit organizations. He currently produces independently, collaboratively and commercially, and provides others with camera, sound recording and production services.

In addition to broadcast on television, his films have been shown at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Renwick Gallery, the Museum of Modern Art, the Museum of Natural History, the Smithsonian Institution and the John F. Kennedy Library. He has won numerous awards and prizes, including nomination for an Academy Award.


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